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{Career} Confi-dant

Some people say that you never truly leave High school.  Thankfully, that’s only partly true.

If you’re anything like a Glee kid, a band geek or a self-oppressed outcast, odds are that you had a pretty rough go of it during those four years in hell.   Luckily, I came out of my High school career relatively unscathed.  While I don’t wish to ever set foot in my past again, I’ve learned that High school never truly leaves you.

It’s not the nickname they stuck you with (let’s face it, being called Allergy hurts a bit), it’s the type of relationships that are formed and continue to form years and years later.  I had a great group of friends in High school, they were my saviors in baggy jeans and converse.  We helped each other get through the day with laughs, high-fives, copying each other’s homework and sometimes, with a little song and dance.  Whether we were belting out “Hey Jude” in Spanish class or gossiping in gym class these people made up my inner circle that made me want to go to school everyday.  The outfits I would coordinate with my close group of girlfriends made me excited in the morning to not walk into class in my pajamas and actually dress appropriately.  When you spend almost eight hours a day with a group of people, it makes a difference between getting through it with a smile or getting a slushee thrown in your face.

The same goes for a workplace environment.    Although, slushee’s are less commonplace, getting through an eight hour workday with people you don’t like could be torture.  Many great companies incorporate a comfortable work environment with actually having the comforts that their employees need/want.  For example, some companies instill nap times or have a brainstorm room that has a Fischer Price basketball hoop.  Some have fully stocked kitchens with every kind of cereal imagainable, and others just have people that you click with both in the office and out.

To me, liking your boss is almost the same as liking your teacher.  In a way you look up to them, learn from them and seek their advice and critique.  Co-workers make up your classmates that you sit with on a daily basis, singing the latest Lady Gaga song on Pandora and eating lunch with them at the same table.  I’ve worked at jobs where we were not encouraged to socialize and if we ever got up from our desks we were watched from the moment we did or said anything.  I had one confidant at that job and she left shortly after I did.  The next subsequent jobs I made friends for life, the same way I did in High school and college.

I knew a hiring manager who would ask a series of personality and problem-solving related questions to candidates whose answers would showcase their ability to think on their feet and their ability to possibly not their themselves so seriously.  If they passed, they were ultimately hired.  The average shelf-life of an employee there has been a minimum of three years and best friends for the rest of your life.

There are also your typical stereotypes in both settings–the Mean Girl (my group of friends at work call ourselves The Plastics), the jock (self-explanatory), the nerd (the IT guys, and the ones who you ALWAYS want to be on their good side), and the person no one wants to be stuck sitting next to (the guy who never knows how to end a conversation).

The moral of the story, kids, is that in order to make it anywhere…get by with a little help from your friends.


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Falling for Style

The Fall season is my favorite time of year.  To me, it represents new beginnings.  Although I’ve been out of school for some time now, I still feel the excitement of a fresh new wardrobe, warm colors and even sunnier fall days.

This season I’m jonsing for a few key items:


Anthropologie, $118

Ponchos are making a huge comeback this season with an assortment of styles and fabrics.  While at #FNO I lusted over Coach’s cape options but ultimately thought better about spending $600 on one single item of clothing.  I did however, fall in love with a poncho from Athropologie that I can see myself touring Ireland in November.  Am I right, laddy?

Riding Boots

I’d like to compare my search for the perfect pair of riding boots to finding a needle in a haystack.  I own 1 pair of brown riding boots–I paid $8 at Target (super clearance, woot!) and they’ve been good to me.  I feel the need to upgrade to a sturdy pair, one that is well made that I can keep around forever.  For that, I turn to a few key brands that will help me do that: Nine West, Madewell and Timberland.

Nine West, Nettle boot, $179

Nine West never fails me, that’s why I’m considering the “Nettle” boot in medium brown leather.  This knee high boot with buckle accents has the right amount of sophistication to add to an outfit with some sass.

Madewell-The Archive Leather Boot, $298

Madewell’s name speaks for itself…it’s just made well.  This timeless boot will serve me  for years to come.

Timberland-Earthkeeper Rudston, $220

Timberland is not usually my go-to brand.  I usually think of it as a man’s brand and strictly for work boots.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my co-worker wearing a pair of Earthkeepers Rudston Pull-on Waterproof boots.  I mean, how cute are these?  Plus you have the quality of Timberland behind every pair and you don’t have to feel like you’re headed to the job site.

Midi Skirt

Asos-Midi Skirt, $64.03

A Midi Skirt is the perfect non-committal fashion piece–it’s not too long or too short.  It’s just right.  The Goldie Locks of skirts, if you will.  I’ve found that Asos and Forever 21 have great selections for Midi’s.

Saddle Bag

Ralph Lauren Collection-London Saddle Bag, $2,495

Carrying a Saddle bag around may just be the perfect Fall accessory.  It’s a simple yet stylish staple to add to any ensemble.

Oxford Shoes

As an alternative to your basic ballet blat and flip flops, Oxford’s offer comfort and style in one great pair.  My favorite so far is from the LC Lauren Conrad Line at Kohls.

What are YOUR go-to Fall looks?

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Seeing Red

Katie Holmes-Emmy Awards

I have a confession to make.  I have a fashion crush on Katie Holmes.  While most of the fashion world was hating on her Emmy Awards look, I was trying to find what she did right.

One of her redeeming qualities is her face.  Last night, her face looked flawless…and that was about it.  Her hair looked unkempt and her dress straps belonged on a U.S. Olympian’s swimsuit.  It was like she decided last minute to attend the Emmy Awards and threw on any old thing in her closet.

Katie–If you paid a stylist for that…fire them.  I’m sure Suri will have something to say about this in her blog.

However, there was light at the end of the tunnel for the mostly lackluster crop of gowns.  Below are my top picks:



What did YOU think of last night’s Emmy’s?

Nina Dobrev-Emmy Awards

Lea Michele- Emmy Awards

Claire Danes-Emmy Awards

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Spring 2012: Perry Ellis

I love me a sharp-dressed man.  That–and a good head of hair.  At the Perry Ellis Spring 2012 RTW there was plenty of both.

Perry Ellis Spring 2012 Collection

The Perry Ellis Spring 2012 RTW show was packed to the gills.  The music set the mood for the main event which included a hint of bright colors on a notoriously sandy colored canvas.  The models sported linen bermuda shorts, safari suits, cotton ribbed cardigans and cotton windbreakers while bright salmons, mustard yellows and understated greens rounded out the colors of the collection.

Perry Ellis Spring 2012 Collection

Perry Ellis’ brand is known in the fashion world for making practical and stylish pieces that won’t break the bank.  His looks are timeless and trendy, especially this specific Spring 2012 Collection.  He makes it OK for men to wear capris, bermuda shorts and bright colors.  According to, John Crocco, Ellis’ Creative Director said the colors in the collection were inspired by his recent travels to the Painted Desert in Arizona.

Perfect for Springtime weather the Crocco’s designs included plenty of linen, cotton as well as a comfort factor that most men wearing the collection would appreciate.  Although the collection had an allover casual feel, Crocco added intricate touches to the suits that would turn many heads on the street including my favorite piece the chintz linen slim suit in black with a linen horizon stripe shirt in natural.

Perry Ellis Spring 2012 Collection

Ellis’ Collection is exactly why I like styling for men, he brings nice surprises (that are practical) to Men’s fashion.  He sets himself a part from the rest by taking calculated risks at exactly the right times.

Perry Ellis was my VERY first runway show in my young career in 2007, I felt a great nostalgia stepping into the show and watching my favorite part–the shirtless male model finale.  Can you blame me?

Perry Ellis Spring 2012 Collection

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My First Fashion Night Out

Global Fashion Brands @ Opia Lounds #FNO

Preparing for Fashion Night Out is no easy feat.  There are plenty of places to see and people to meet, not to mention celeb spotting everywhere, models in designers very best and of course the crowd goers who are only there for the complimentary drinks.

Trying to avoid the crowds and the usual hustle and bustle that is Midtown Manhattan, I entered the Opia Lounge on 57th and Lex to take a gander at what they had to offer.  The partay was hosted by the New York Post (swanky) and Farasha Boutique featuring independent fashion and beauty brands.
LypSyl was my first stop in the small, crowded lounge which is a semi-new to market, all-natural lip balm.  It comes in a neat compact case and is made with pure Swedish beeswax to help moisturize, soften and protect your lips.  “It works like magic,” said Deirdre Williams, Director of Marketing for Lornamead, ” It’s long-lasting and there is no need to reapply.”  She recommends the best time to use it for optimal effects is right before you go to sleep.  For a company that has been around for 100 years, they sure know how to make a long-lasting, moisturizing lip balm.  Find out more about LypSyl at :

Kiss nails have been around for as long as I can remember.  For a complimentary Kiss manicure the line went through the entire party for a chance at walking out with fresh press on nails.  The other long line was for the complimentary Kiss False Eyelash application.  The little Beauty Bar section of the lounge also consisted of Kroma makeup which the makeup artist assured was all natural.

SAVA @ Opia Lounge #FNO

SAVA caught my eye with its tie-dyed dress.  It wasn’t your typical hippie inspired tie-dye.  It was chic, stylish, RTW and get this…one of a kind.  SAVA is an ethical clothing and accessories brand that was built on the platform of effortless, individual style and social consciousness.  It’s locally made in Philly in its very own garment factory that houses about ten employees.  Since all pieces are made by hand, specifically the tie-dye dress (hand dipped by the designer herself) none of them look the same.  With this fair trade collection, you have yourself a bunch of one-of-a-kind pieces at reasonable prices.  My one friend purchased the tie-dyed dress and my other friend purchased a handmade sweater dress.  Possibly one of my favorite designers of the entire night.  Check out their collection here.

Our next stop on the agenda was Bloomingdales, specifically to find some champagne.  Instead we found an excruciatingly long line for Rachel Zoe, some Playboy Bunnies waiting for Eddie Cibrian and little pockets of individual events that kept the chaos to a minimum.  We made our rounds and found a GQ party with a contest where you could win one of three prizes.  Long story short, out of all of the prizes I walked away with a Mark Sanchez signed football.  My initial reaction was WTF am I going to do with this, my fiance is a Giants fan…

After Bloomingdales we headed toward Madison Ave for some Stuart Weitzman action.  Bummed it was an invitation only event we gazed in the window at the fabulous shoes as well as said goodbye to any chance of meeting Michelle Tractenberg and Hayden Pannitiere.  On the way to the Coach event, we passed Mullbery.  Mullberry posed to be an excellent stop as they had giveaways every 30 minutes, a tarot card reader, manicures and mojitos–basically, the recipe for a guaranteed good time.  On display on the shelves was Mulberry’s Fall 2011 Collection with many plum, mauve and gray hues to speak of.  The yummy purses and wallets were on par with the collection of RTW dresses and blouses on display as well.

Mullbery Totes #FNO

We were running a tad late but only had to walk a few doors down to the Coach event where seven fashion bloggers were making an appearance.  Each blogger (The Glamourai, Into the Gloss, Tales of Endearment, Man Repeller, Hanneli, The Chriselle Factor, The Blay Report) designed their very own limited edition 1973 Coach Duffle.  The duffle is so classic and timeless  it can be passed down through families for years to come.  It was there that I met up with my bestie, Meg from Meg’s Mumbo and chatted a bit about the crazy crowd and hot duffles before she jetted off to another party.  We caught a glimpse of the back of Seth Meyers head and then decided to call it a night.

Me and Meg @ COACH #FNO

Gripes with My First FNO

As a born marketer, and as someone who has worked in all facets of the media industry (former editor, PR, advertising etc) there weren’t many incentives to “buy” at any of the locations I visited.  A simple 20% across the board would have made a difference or a sweet free gift with purchase.  Granted some had free gifts, but there weren’t anything to write home about.  Also I think many of the stores struggled regarding who to cater the event to.  Were they catering to the press, the public or just the people there for the free stuff?  Regardless, there wasn’t enough marketing materials to let the public know what was going on.  The FNO website only went so far with details.  For example, at Bloomingdales I would have liked to see a few maps around the store with each of the events that were going on in each section.

Lessons Learned from My First FNO 

  1. Do NOT carry a large purse, it only gets in the way.  Crossbody it is for next year.
  2. If there are deals, be armed with a clean balance on your credit card.
  3. Bring a good camera.
  4. For press purposes, carry a very small notebook.
  5. Carry a case for business cards.
  6. Wear your hair up.  I swear it’s just easier.
  7. Wear comfy shoes.

So, there you have it.  My very first Fashion Night Out recap.  I would totally do it again, it was so much fun.  Stay tuned for more #NYFW coverage.

Me and Mark. The proof. #FNO

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Hear me Rawwwwrrrrr

Hi, I’m Allie and I have a leopard print obsession.  I would like to say it started way back when I was a little girl, but it happened about 2 years ago.  My grandmother loved everything and anything leopard print, she even had leopard print luggage (hot, right?).  I always thought it was amusing how a woman in her young 80’s would sport leopard print, but she rocked it.  When she passed away, I felt like I needed to represent the leopard print branch of my fam.  You know, to carry on the legacy.

It began innocently with a small leopard print purse, then it escalated to a pair of flats, then an infinity scarf, then a shirt…now, I’m shopping for a dress, heels and pants.  I’m one purchase away from becoming Peg Bundy (minus the red poofy hair).  Or am I releasing my inner wild side? I would like to think that it’s the latter.

One of the outfits I’m thinking about sporting is a pair of leopard print jeans with an over-sized black blouse and simple black flats or heels.  The purpose is to not necessarily look like a jungle cat from head to toe.  I’m hoping to also find a muted leopard print dress, with long sleeves that hits above the knee to pair with black opaque tights and black booties.  I find that simple gold jewelry does wonders for accenting the ensemble.

For now the purchase will remain an infinity scarf to pair with a simple blouse under one of my faux leather motorcycle jackets for the crisp Fall New York days/nights.  Because you know…it’s a jungle out there.


Animal Attraction available on for 2 more days:

Leopard Print Dress


Leopard Print Scarf

*My purchase.*

Snow Leopard Print Sweater

Cheetah Blouse

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My love for Pinterist

Pinterist has changed my life.  It will change yours too, I promise.

I was turned on to this gem of a website by a fellow fashion blogger, Christa Marzan over at Fresh Squeezed.  I’m currently “planning” a wedding, decorating my home and getting back into the world of blogging so, I have ideas popping up all the time.  Instead of emailing myself the link of what I was inspired by, I just Pin It now.  Its right there in front of me when I need it.

So far I’ve pinned possible wedding decorations, fashion forward pieces that will ignite a blog post and just random home decor ideas.  I’m on a pinning frenzy!  This website works well for my scatterbrain, I’m forcing myself to remember inspiration and allowing the creative juices to ferment and become a delish drink for all.

I recommend trying it out.  You can view other members boards as well and get inspired that way!


Pin away!




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